Marriages are a celebratory event with a lot of meeting and custom in most other cultures around the world. Eastern weddings are no exception, and friends must adhere to a variety of politeness in order to be respectful of the couple and their tradition.

Giving gifts

The act of giving is a very significant component of the wedding day in Asian society. Even if the couple does n’t have a registry, it is customary to bring money or items from a set, like glasses and cutlery. A typical way to present this gift is to use a red ( angpow ) envelope ( angpow ). Other items that qualify as donations, such as chocolates or sweets, flowers or a drink set, are furthermore satisfactory.

It is normally advised to stay away from gifts that represent dying or mourning. Timers sri lankan woman, towels, pointed and sharp things, or sets of four are never considered acceptable and may annoy the partners. Nonetheless, more contemporary presents like house products, mattresses, or house furnishings are frequently very much appreciated.

Arriving on time

Being professional is very important at Asiatic marriages, especially if the ceremony is a banquet, as it goes without saying. This demonstrates your appreciation for the partners and is seen as a sign of respect.